DeGon Farrier Services


To offer the horsemen throughout the area a quality service and care for their horses. Whether it is trimming, shoeing, corrective or therapeutic


The mission for DeGon Farrier Services is to make sure that the horseman throughout the Inland Empire has the best quality service for them and their horses.  

Fees and conditions

Trimming: $50.00                  Half Set: $85.00                    Full Set: $125.00                   Hot Shoes: $165.00

*Pulling Shoes:  $15.00             Farm Call;     $45.00       *Additional fee outside the 50 mile Radius:  $10.00

The prices above pertaining to Shoeing will not apply after the 1st of February 2020!

There will be a min charge of $45.00 farm call charge for inspection of your horse(s) feet.  

Add $10.00 for pulling shoes prior to trimming process. 

Additional charge may apply to farrier services outside the initial 50 mile radius. 

 Corrective/Therapeutic: Price will be determined on the current circumstances of condition, time, shoes, etc. 

These fee/prices may not reflect gaited horses, draft horses, mules (some cases), specialty show horses. 

 Sorry, we do not do ​POAs, Mini Horses, Donkeys.

Graduate North Texas Farrier School, Mineral Wells, Texas 1994

Steven DeGon

Trimming a clients horse in Otis Orchards Wa. 

Finished foot with a rim shoe. this horse was a great horse to work on. 

Applying a Mustang Roll to a finished trimmed hoof. 

I apply Mustang rolls to all my trimmed hooves?

Applying a mustang roll helps the hoof maintain integrity and strengthens the wall from cracking, chipping and wall structure.