Proper barefoot horses, must start with proper diet and nutrients. Time can be an essential element in proper health and hoof care. With good grass and whole grains and not fillers and sugars it will help the horses digestive system allowing proper nutrients to absorb throughout the horses system, even proper hoot growth.  

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Graduate North Texas Farrier School, Minerals Wells, Texas 1994. 26 years experience,  has given me an insight on whether to trim or shoe. I have read, attended seminars and heavily studied new outline information of trimming and shoeing horses. 

As I have read and studied, comprehensive shoeing practices,  even using my own horses,  I believe shoeing can create more damage to horses feet, by shoeing them. Understanding the anatomy of the Horses structure in critical for a farrier to understand both the long and short term correction and damages that can cause lameness in horses. I have posted an article that came to me about trimming and letting your horse(s) run barefoot and strengthening their feet.  Stregthening horses feet without having to shoe them comes from proper feeding and dieting and proper scheduling trimming, just to generally make my point. This article has merit and it provides everyone a new knowledge of the farrier process and providing their clients a new understanding and alternative of  their horse(s) foot care. You can too read in on my site on the "news" page. 


Starting February 1st, 2021 I will not longer be applying shoes. I will be conducting Natural Barefoot Trimming Practices only. I do apologize to any of my customers currently shoeing. I will be more than happy to help you find another farrier who applies shoes. After massive research I have come to a conclusion that shoes are damaging to the horses natural growth process of the hoof. Shoes can create damage and in some cases can be good, but you can correct "in most cases" any damage naturally through trimming. 

I have helped many of my current customers take their horses completely off  shoes and the performance of the horse has been outstanding. The owner has even noticed the change in the performance of their horse. 

Why Choose Us


Why, choose us?

 I like to talk and educate my clients as I trim or shoe their horses.  I believe educating your clients is very important in the short and long term care of their/your horses feet.  

I've seen horses feet trimmed to short, not level or balanced. This can/does cause long and short term damage. It is important that your farrier understands this and explains it to their clients.  Example;

A. Hoof to long

B. Hoof to short

C. angle of the hoof

D. Disease(s)

E. Mounting of the shoe(s)

F. Corrective/Therapeutic


G. and more

The horses feet can be complex and this is why its important for your farrier to understand horses anatomy, in which this allows the farrier to trim/shoe your horse(s) in accordance to the current condition of your horse(s) feet and environment. 

It is also important for your farrier to maintain a good relationship with the horses Veterinarian. This way the horses is getting what is required to have the best feet for the purpose of the horses use. 

Natural Barefoot Trimming

As I have been researching and attending online seminars I have really educated myself in Natural hoof care and trimming. I know and understand that many don't believe in this type of new method of managing the horses feet. But, after really doing research and attending Seminars and talking to a local natural barefoot farrier, I and understanding the real benefits from doing so.  I am currently working on multiple certifications 

     * Live Sole Hoof Mapping Certification

     * Certified Barefoot Trimmer and                          Balancer

     * Certified Farrier Practitioner

     * Certified Farrier Glue Practitioner

     * Certified Lameness Specialist

 through the ELPO (Equine Lameness   Prevention Organization), I feel this will help not only myself, but to be able to better educate my clients about managing their horses feet through barefoot and nutrition. 

Proper barefoot trimming should be done about every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain a strong sturdy hoofs. This will help prevent cracking and chipping along with a good mustang roll of the hoof after trimming. 

DeGon Farrier Services applies Mustang Rolls to all of our trimmed feet.

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